• Promote the understanding of academic content at a much deeper level.
  • Focus on learning and innovation skills—skills which are frequently recognized as the skills that are key to better prepared students for life in the 21st Century.
  • Promote the ability to navigate the complex life and work environments in the globally connected world.

Mason Crest began in 2003 with a goal to become known as the leading line of non-fiction, young adult, school and library books covering a variety of socially responsible, high-interest, and forward-thinking topics. Annually we publish over 200 new titles for Middle and High School students. We are Publishing What Matters in areas such as Global Studies, Math, Science, Careers, Finance, Country Studies, American Studies, Drugs, Family, Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Contemporary Issues, and Biographies. With each series we create, we obtain senior consultants, editors and proficient authors. They key to our content is not just research, but that we have people involved from the start who have devoted their careers to the subjects we are publishing books on.

The AV2 Collection features a wide range of books that span the range of core subject areas, such as science, social studies, language arts, visual arts, biographies, and sports. These books begin at the grades 2 to 4 level and continue to grades 5 to 8. Books in this collection are designed for use in the classroom, with standardized features, curriculum-based content, and printable activities and quizzes.

Smarter Books. Stronger Readers.

Founded in 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jump! publishes children’s nonfiction with a focus on curriculum-aligned subjects for emergent through early-fluent readers. Our books combine vibrant colors with captivating photography and corresponding text to draw readers into the subject and encourage reading success. Our imprints include:


Tadpole books are created to support reading instruction. With GRL levels A-E, all Tadpole books feature age-appropriate subjects, vibrant photographs, and thoughtfully crafted text to help the youngest students learn to read their very first nonfiction books.

Bullfrog Books

Bullfrog Books are designed for beginning readers in grades K-3. With ATOS levels of 1.0 or lower and Lexile levels between BR and 400L for all titles, Bullfrog Books help readers understand key features of text, build vocabulary, identify main topics and themes, and explain how images contribute to and clarify a text.


Pogo focuses on early STEM topics and is intended to pique children's interest in science, technology, and engineering. Written at a second grade reading level, each title is packed with infographics, sidebars, activities, and bright, colorful spreads that appeal to young readers.